Discover the Art of Authentic Hand-Knotted Carpets

It is a modern design formed by integrating caftan motifs belonging to Ottoman sultans who lived between the 15th and 17th centuries with straight lines. In this collection, a modern line has been caught by paying attention to simplicity, and a peaceful comfort is provided on the carpet.

Elegance Woven with Tradition: Klasik Carpets’ Timeless Treasures

Collection Colors In the Kaftan Collection, burgundy, cream, tan, damson, golden yellow, khaki green, navy blue and black colors are generally used.

80 cm x 120 cm
80 cm x 310 cm
80 cm x 360 cm
120 cm x 180 cm
150 cm x 210 cm
180 cm x 260 cm
190 cm x 280 cm
210 cm x 305 cm
108630-kaftan (1)
Hatay Reyhanlı-109189
Yayla Gülü V-102237